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Areas of Expertise

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy

Our Onward Physical Therapists are qualified to treat a wide range of conditions. With our comprehensive individualized rehabilitation programs we help to restore a patient’s function, improve mobility and relieve pain. Our physical therapy team conduct house calls to victims of auto and workplace accidents. They travel with the necessary tools to convert any home into a product treament environment.


Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy allows our clients freedom from wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers. Clients with balance issues, such as those with TBIs or SCIs, often find the aquatic environment safe and relaxing. Our CIFT team or PTA team, our aquatic program is performed throughout SE Michigan in partner facilities, which also provides a opportunity for community reintegration.

Occupational Therapy

Onward’s Occupational Therapists work to assess all aspects of a person’s life that may affect their ability to function independently. Following the evaluation a customized treatment plan is implemented to help patients safely and independently perform activities of daily living.


Medical Massage Therapy

Massage therapy services can be easily provided at home, residential facilities or in our Onward Therapy Services clinic in the Birgmingham/Troy area. Our massage therapy team addresses the physical aspects of injury as well as axiety, depression, and PTSD.

Inclusive Fitness Training

This extremely important step in the Care Continuum assists individuals with one-on-one care to prevent regression in progress gained from physical therapy and occupational therapy. Our inclusive fitness training is performed by our CIFT therapist team who have educational backgrounds in exercise science and are certified as Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainers. A credential recognized by cross-governmental agencies. CIFTs provide an important fitness training role to individuals with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities.

Our Clinic - Birmingham/Troy

Our new clinic is designed to provide personalized, one-on-one rehabilitation programs in a friendly, encouraging environment. Our compassionate therapists are focused on getting results with state of the art, hands-on techniques. We’re centrall located in Southeast Michigan in the Birmingham/Troy area.

About Onward Therapy Services

Our mission is to provide onsite, quality therapy with no limitations.  Which is why our Onward team brings the clinic to YOU, allowing patients to choose the most convenient treatment location, whether it be at home, in our clinic, or at the workplace. With over 30 years of dedicated Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, our rehabilitation team travels with the tools and equipment needed to provide effective on-site care, including therapeutic ultrasound, inferential therapy, balance beam, neuromuscular stimulation, and rocker board.

Why Onward Therapy Services?

Because our approach to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and rehabilitation services was developed from the need to create excellent, independent rehabilitative care for individuals!

5 Reasons to Choose Our Physical Therapy & Rehabilitative Services

#1 – Not a reason, but our mission…
Helping people live happier lives!



Ease and accessibility.  Our house call option eliminates travel and weather challenges for patients that are homebound.

Increased Functionality:

OTS works with the patient creating functionality within our clinic or their own environment.

One-on-One Care:

We bridge the gap between home care and outpatient therapy with our house call program.


Our therapists are thoughtful, personable and focused on the patient’s success.


Our physical therapy, occupational therapy, and patient care team are diligent about physician communication regarding patient progress.

Bringing the Clinic to You

Onward Therapy Services creates convenience by bringing the clinic to you. Choose your preferred location for Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. We accept auto no-fault, workman’s compensation, and private pay patients.
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Onward Therapy Services
   Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

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